Founded in 2004, the Clifton Community Fund is an endowed fund whose earnings support public improvements in Clifton. The fund is under the financial management of The Greater Cincinnati Foundation.

The mission of Clifton Community Fund (CCF) is to preserve, beautify, and enhance Clifton, enriching its culture and quality of life.

To achieve its mission, CCF awards non-profit (501c3) entities grant funding to support projects of structural beautification and community development, and projects that sustain and enhance Clifton’s green infrastructure.  Funds may be used to assist in planning, organizing, and implementing projects or activities and events on property located in the Clifton neighborhood of Cincinnati, Ohio. CCF does not award funds to schools, political or religious entities, or individuals for their sole benefit (e.g., serve as patron to an individual artist or performer).

Who is CCF

The CCF board members are all volunteer former or current Clifton residents.

Meet our board of Trustees

Helen Adams
Jennifer Camden
Catherine Hamilton Hicks
Larry Holt
Jean & David Huwer
Shannon McDevitt
John Osterman
Tom Osterman
Robert Rack
Steve Rehling
Margaret Reich
Joyce Rich
Lara Roller
Mary Jo Vesper